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[APD] Re: Nitrogen source

I got KNO3 from the local garden center for $1 a pound. It was small prills
(tiny balls) and very clean and clear when dissolved.

Ann Viverette

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> Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 22:26:36 EDT
> From: Dgrim62 at cs_com
> Subject: [APD] Nitrogen source
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> Hi everyone,
> I am currently supplementing my 240 gallon tank with one of the
> prepared planted aquarium nitrogen supplements. I test with a Lamotte test
> kit.
> Are there any cheaper sources of nitrogen that would be comparable to the
> commercial products that I could use and still get accurate readings with
> Lamotte? I am currently using a good bit of N. Hopefully, as I introduce
> fish and the tank ages I may need to use less, but for right now it is my
> biggest additive cost.
> I was wondering if one of the garden type Nitrogen sources would be a good
> substitue? The aquarium supplements are pure, I assume. That would be my
> concern about using something not aquarium specific, other ingredients
> might be harmful in a planted tank.
> The tank is 240 gallons, light is metal halide, sump setup, CO2 injection.
> Thanks for any help!
> Dave

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