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[APD] Re:RE: Viruses and worms

>Robert Paul Hudson wrote:
>>Oh I am not worried about catching a virus.
>>I have Norton and I am not stupid enough to
>>open emails with attachments. My computer is clean.

Well I certainly spoke to soon. I opened that fake email that looked like it
was from Microsoft, and I got infected with the Swen virus, and some other
worm.  It got  deep into my registry, infected every exe. file on my
computer, and started re wrinting code on my computer. As a result my email
went up to 2000 a day! I ended up having to re install XP and all my
application software. My system was down for a week. I lost some of my
disks, including my XP disk, so I had to buy new software and in some cases
just had to get new registration keys for the programs I still had or that
were gotten from the WEB. As careful as I was, I still ended up losing some
sales and orders, and found myself getting way behind in work that needed to
be done. It was a very expensive lesson in stupidity. Never say you are not
stupid enough because fate will always prove you wrong!

Robert Paul Hudson

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