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Re: [APD] RE: Spiral and multiple-tube small fluorescents.

O rats, I have to go look this up in my notes again, but as
I recall, lumens ratings (as opposed to, e.g., candlepower
ratings) are total light output, not the brightness of a
given area of the bulb.

So it's not really a bit off.

Scott H.
--- Mark Wolek <mwolek at omiintl_com> wrote:
>> I would not use a watts/gallon rating with these bulbs,
> but rather a
> lumens/gallon.   Also that is a bit off because of the
> shape and space the
> bulbs take up compared to a standard flourescent or CF.  
> A standard 40w
> bulb, say it has 3000 lumens (no idea what they may
> be)...well that is 3000,
> over the length of the bulb I would think?   While the
> spiral flouro is over
> a much smaller area.   

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