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[APD] dosing question

Hi ... another question. And btw, thanks for all the very interesting
anubias postings. I'm adding it to my plant  reference file. Someday,
my anubias will bloom.  :-)

For the past 2 months, I've been following the advice of Tom Barr,
Scott Hieber and others on the list regarding nutrients, CO2, and
weekly water changes. My two CO2 tanks have shown dramatic
improvements. Yay!

Thanks so much to the kind people on this list who have patiently
counseled me about this art. You are generous and supportive, and
I deeply appreciate it.

Currently, I dose my CO2 tanks twice a week with PO4, K2SO4, and
TMG. CO2 is maintained at about 20ppm, and my lights are 3w/gal
Powerglo or cool white flourescents.

Spot algae is still my nemesis. Whenever I see it on the glass about
3-4 days after a water change, I check the PO4 and NO3 levels.
In each case, there's a depletion of one nutrient or the other. So it's
obviously triggered when nutrient loads become unbalanced.

Hence my question: how often do folks dose their tanks? I realize
it depends on how fast the plants suck up the nutrients. But if you
could tell me your dosing regimen, as well as light & CO2 levels,
I'd be very interested in getting a feel for how your tanks work.


Shireen Gonzaga Baltimore, MD

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