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[APD] Planted Discus Tank Startup

For such kind of hard water in San Diego I strongly
recommend a RO filter, you can get a good and reliable
and affordable one with. 


In the US also available in COSTCO cost about $180.00
for a five-stage system and cost about $35.00 a year
to maintain. This also will supply your household
needs for drinking water. Discus do well in 5.5 PH
water, but RO remove all mineral and with time you
will have PH much more lower than 5.5 with pure PO
water. Tjerfore, for my 90 Galls planted discus tank I
add 1 Tbpn of salt-water mix for every 4 galls of
water cahnge, organic liquid fertilizers and, black
water extract from tetra. 

That works for me. Hope may help you

Mario From Mexico  

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