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Re: [APD] Spiral and multiple-tube small fluorescents.

> The choice of color of the bulb's light is mostly a matter
> of taste -- your plants won't mind much one way or the
> other unless you have some especially finicky plants.

You mean, I should get just as good growth with the Home Depot type bulbs in the
3000 - 4500K range as with the 6500K All-Glass bulbs!  They are certainly cheaper
and personally I prefer their color, but I can't seem to keep plants alive under
them--things like hornwort, water wisteria, ambulia, rotala--whereas hair algae

I'll have to admit, my other tanks, where I am using the Home Depot bulbs, don't
have CO2, or fertilizer, but then they only have a small number of plants in
them--to help the fish feel a little more secure than in a bare tank.  But I had
the same problems in my planted tank before I changed  lights.

Thanks for any enlightenment (pun intended ;-)


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