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[APD] Got balls? - I do!

Regarding the tip from Tom Barr:

Finally I got hold of some Agar-Agar and made my
first batch of jello-cubes which I shoved down in a couple
of places in my tank(s).

I made them 10 times stronger than the recommended
water-levels (1.0 ppm Fe, 50 ppm NO3, 10 ppm PO4)
but didn't use peat. They're really hard to see without
peat which I assume will make them easier to spot.

Are they to strong or too weak? What's the deal with the 
peat besides make them easier to see in the water?
Is it possible to freeze them in the fridge and shove
them down when they are frozen? (They tend to
break otherwise).

// Daniel Larsson,

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