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[APD] Re: Performing Botany and Taxonomy Research (Jeff Ludwig)

Jeff Ludwig wrote:
> For some unknown reason, I have become interested in this recent
> surrounding Gratiola sp. versus Limnophila aromatica and the proper
> identification and the process surrounding species description.  I have a
> few general questions for those who like to follow this kind of stuff:
> academic journals would have information on new species descriptions that
> may be of interest to us?  I have found Aquatic Botany, but almost all
> publications in this journal are about marine/estuary plants.  A search
> Ludwigia repens or Hygrophila polysperma in Web of Science database only
> yields an article or two, mostly about alleopathy.   Where is taxonomic
> usually published?  And is there a panel of scientist would decide whether
> particular classification is okay?  Is there a standard reference for
> aquatic plants, or am I free to believe whoever I think is correct?
> a lot of talk around here of "accepted scientific name" for something, is
> that basically what someone like Kasselmann thinks is best for the hobby?
Here is the classification info, go to http://plants.usda.gov/index.html and
type in Limnophila aromatica in the search box and select scientific name in
the drop down box. Then scroll down. Don M.

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