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[APD] Re: Closing up for the night..

"Since it is turgor pressure in cells at the base of the leaf that opens/closes the leaf,
water must be moving in and out of these cells. To do that
the osmotic potential must have been changed, which means
that solutes must have been pumped in/out of the
vacuole/cytoplasm of these cells."

There are cells within plants, especially in the leaf sections, called Bulliform cells. It's their job to open and close leaves. Their action is dependant on quite a few different stimuli, light and touch being just two. Stephen's assertion that turgor pressure is to blame is right on the money. "Show me the money!" When these cells increase or decrease in pressure (through active transport of solutes and osmosis) they change the shape of the leaf/structure and open/close flowers etc.

"That is still movement. Lets hypothesise that these solutes are a product of photosynthesis then Clint's hypothesis would be partially true."

If I were a plant I'd use glucose to cause osmotic regulation too...it's right there, why waste the energy moving other chemicals from an area farther away? :)

Another great topic, thanks guys!


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