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Re: [APD] Anubias

When som leavews get alga, So who tries to clean their
anubias leaves, who prunes, who just accept the altered

Scott H.
--- Karen Randall <krandall at rdrcpa_biz> wrote:
> David Whittaker wrote:
> >> Anubias barteri grows best for me close to the surface
> directly under
> bright MH lighting. About 12 - 15 ppm CO2 is added. KH is
> 2 - 3, dH is
> 2- 3. I add PMDD and I don't get a lot of spot algae
> accumulating on the
> leaves. Of course they will do fine with minimal light.
> My neighbour has
> more problems with spot algae. He grows them in low
> light. It may seem
> contradictory to some that a shade plant would grow best
> under very
> bright light, but that is the case.<<
> I think the thing with Anubias is that they don't compete
> terribly well with
> fast-growing neighbors.  They are an old-time favorite,
> because they do
> exceptionally well in VERY low light "fish" tanks, with
> no plant competition
> and lots of fish waste.  In a situation like this, they
> will grow (slowly)
> where even algae struggles.  I've seen really huge old
> plants, completely
> free of algae, with beautiful glossy leaves come out of
> tanks like this.
> On the other end of the spectrum, if you can balance your
> system such that
> your Anubias are never starved for nutrients in a high
> light/fast growth
> system, you can get them growing fast enough that they
> don't suffer from
> algae any more than any other plant in the tank.  Like
> you, David, if I'm
> taking excellent care of my tanks, the Anubias show
> little, if any algae.
> If I let things slip, they are they are not the first to
> show nutrient
> deficiencies (because they simply slow their growth) but
> they ARE the first
> to start collecting algae.  Oh, and when you ARE growing
> them in high-speed
> mode, you also have to divide them much more frequently
> than you might
> expect.

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