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Re: [APD] Re: Spiral fluorescents - Walter

Bill Wichers wrote:

Easy, get a cheap muffin fan (preferably from a surplus place -- fans are *far* cheaper that way and you can *always* get new fans from

A way to keep them quiet is to install a fan that is large in diameter, and run it off less voltage than it's intended for. For example, you can get a small 12volt fan, run it at the 12 volts it's intended, and you get the desired amount of cooling, but the high RPM result in a pretty loud fan. So, instead, install a larger diameter 12v fan, and only power it with 6 volts, or 8 volts. The larger diameter will make up for the slower speed, resulting in the same airflow.

This technique is often used to quiet very loud computer fans.

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