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[APD] tough little crypts

Hi everyone,
I set up my new 240 gallon tank about six weeks ago. In the last two weeks I 
have started getting new baby Cryptocoryne sprouts. I have not planted any 
crypts in the tank so far. The 100% Flourite substrate is a mixture of old 
Flourite from my 125 gallon and about 10 new bags of flourite. I put the new on the 
bottom and old on top, as the old was well rinsed. 

This is the amazing thing to me.  I broke my old tanks down 5 months before I 
set up the 240. My old Flourite that sprouted these Crypts sat in six open to 
the air Rubbermaid Roughneck containers in a metal, non climate controlled 
storage space throughout the Atlanta summer for 5 whole months. The temps in 
this storage space regularly reached 120 or so (guess). The substrate did stay 
moist towards the bottom of the containers.

Tough little buggers. I am amazed.

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