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[APD] Re: Jobe's Spikes for Houseplants

After using Jobes Spikes for Palms and Ferns for a year, I had a bad experience when I accidentally disturbed my substrate removing a plant with an enormous root system. I have not used them since.

In searching for an alternate substrate fertilizer for my swords, I tried Seachem Flourish Tabs. These seemed to eliminate most signs of nutrient deficiency, but no spectacular growth.

Then I discovered the substrate fertilizer system from Plantguild (http://www.plantguild.com). It lets you mix whatever you want with a special clay to make a substrate pellet. Since I have lifetime supplies of KNO3 and Plantex CSM trace here, I decided to give it a try.

Preliminary indications are that it works really well. Swords are showing better growth. I do not yet have a feel for how long a pellet lasts, or how big a pellet to make for a given plant, which I expect to learn over time.

The great news, I can flush the Jobe's spikes once and for all.

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