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[APD] Re: A real newbie question

Thanks, Giancarlo.  Unfortunately, I can't find the Fluorish here locally.  
Guess I'll call BigAls.  

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> Hi there,
> I would try putting a Flourish tab under the plant. The pin holes could
> indicate low potassium and the whitish leaves insufficient iron.
> Hope that helps
> Giancarlo Podio
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> I have several 10G tanks, all planted.  One of them has aponogeton,
> echinodorus barthii, java moss, valisneria spiralis, saggiteria subulata and
> a
> good-sized bunch of giant hygro.  Everything but the giant hygro is at least
> doing
> well, if not thriving, with the exception of the giant hygro.  I've had it
> for
> maybe six months and it's never grown.  It's just been standing there
> "looking
> at me".  In recent weeks, it's become paler and paler and is now developing
> some pinholes in the leaves.

Fran Sanders, LMD
Marysville, WA

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