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RE: [APD] Anubias advice

Subject: [APD] Anubias advice

Hi ...

of all the aquatic plants in the universe, anubias are my
favorite. But I have a hard time keeping them happy and
alive. The main culprit is algae, particularly spot algae.
But aside from that, anubias just don't seem to grow well
for me (yes, I know they're slow growers but mine barely

For folks who have successfully grown lush bushes of
Anubias, what kinds of lighting and nutrient conditions do
you have?


Hi Shireen.

I have anubias in a number of different tanks both in hard alkaline water
with my African Cichlids and in soft water in my planted, injected community
tank along with a number of 20 gallon species tanks with a variety of
different lighting, ie: 2 x 20g tanks side by side with a double 40 watt
shop light over them, a 20 G, Hagen tank with the standard fluorescent
canopy etc. By far the greatest growth has been in my co2 injected tank (77
g with 160 watts of fluorescent lighting and PMDD added. Of interest is that
at our last Aquarium Society auction a guy brought in anubias that was
flowering. Says it took 3 years but now flowers regularly.


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