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[APD] Canisters, etc.

  With all this talk about canisters & difusers, I thought I'd share what
goes on w. my Fluval 103.
  When I get up in the morning, before the lights come on, and the sun is
shining, my canister is silent - I like it :-).  But when the lights come
on, and the plants start to bubble (about 1hr afterward), the canister
starts to gurgle w. air.
  I tip it and sometimes the air comes out, sometimes it doesn't.  I find
the sound a bit annoying when I'm looking at the tank.
  The weird think is, I don't add the CO2 here, I have a separate reactor.
So I can't figure out why it starts to gurgle.  Could it be the temp.
change?  Only 2F (75 to 77 throughout the day), so I don't think so.
  What could it be?

Jason Miller

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