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Re: [APD] Gratolia ??

In a message dated 9/30/2003 5:30:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Ghazanfar Ghori writes:

Ghanzafar ... 
> There are several 'forms' of Limnophila aromatica depending on origin. Some
> of them have lesser, wider leaves per node. I wouldn't be surprised if the
> flower
> coloration had some variation. They do have one thing in common though -
> they're aromatic.
> So maybe that should help ID the plant correctly. Smell it! Grown emersed
> the 'aroma' is
> much stronger, but you should definitly be able to detect the odor in
> submersed grown plants
> too. Its not as strong as bacopa carolina, but it is detectable.

I tried this last night, I crushed an em. Gratiola leaf and a Bacopa Carliniana one, mild scent from Gratiola, stronger almost Rosemary like scent from the Bacopa

> Last year,  I went out and bought what was labelled as Gratiola officinalis
> from Lowes.
> That plant was definitly different, though it has similar shaped leaves. I
> think you'll find
> that the 'reddish leaved' version that's going around in the hobby is
> incorrectly being
> called Gratiola. That plant, very likely is Limnophila aromatica, and IME is
> much
> more common in the hobby than the real Gratiola officinalis.

Yes, I believe the smaller reddish one is the L. Aromatica. But I have to tell you Gratiola (or whatever it is is) also a great looking plant, and a strong grower ...
> Let me add to the confusion. Here's what I came across today. I think its in
> Dutch
> but if you scroll down.....
> http://www.nbat.nl/aquarium/limnophila.html
> So where does that leave us? I don't know. But one thing for sure, Gratiola
> officinalis
> does not have aromatic leaves & stems, Limnophila aromatica 
> (as the latin
> name suggests)
> does.

Interesting, looks Dutch (and it's certaily dutch to me :)) ) If I interpret this, the older name for Aromaticoides ?, is Limnophila Gratioloides ! So we are not the first to notice the similarities in these plants. 

I would like to try growing these 2 plants side by side again, if anyone has what they believe is L. Aromatica, and would like to trade some for Gratiola, pls contact me.

Jim Lockhart
San Jose.
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