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[APD] Re: CO2 reactor help

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori wrote:
> Initially when you setup the reactor, it was full of air.
> That's why when you start it up, you're hearing the gurgling
> sound and your filter is getting airlocked. 
> You've got to 'prime' the reactor. Normally the CO2 intake

Thanks for the suggestion. I think you've hit the nail on the head as I could actually hear water trickling through it when I tried to set it up initially. I'll try it out again this weekend.

Scott H. wrote:
> Imo, if you are feeding CO2 into your canister, yu don't
> need another reactor, the canister is serving that purpose.

This contradicts what you wrote in a previous post dated Wed, 10 Sep 2003 03:40:16 -0700 (PDT): 

> Before you fiddle around a lot with your filter and media,
> you might want to consider making an external reactor.  If
> you have a source for PVC pipe, they're easy to construct
> and inexpensive.

You inspired me to build the reactor in the first place and now you say I don't need it? I think it would be better to have one, especially as I will shortly be replacing my yeast CO2 with compressed CO2 and plan to use higher bubble rates than I'm getting from the yeast.

> Since you have the reactor, you might try putting a
> separate powerhead or pump on it and fee the the CO@ into
> that water line or directly into the reactor.  You should
> end up with 100% absorbtion.

I've got a couple of spare powerheads lying around, so if the priming doesn't work and I can't find any other solution, I may give a powerhead a go at driving it.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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