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[APD] Spiral and multiple-tube small fluorescents.

Don't bother.

I have used many kinds of small fluorescent tubes over aquaria, and the ones I will never buy again have either a spiral tube or two or three "U"-tubes mounted side by side (or in a triangle).

The spiral tubes don't last more than a month or two in a hood, turning quite black and dim. They often produce huge electrical noise that jams radios and any X-10-Type controllers you are using.

Those and the multi-u-tubes are shining most of their light back on themselves, so are much less efficient than a single straight tube or even a single "U" tube. It is nearly impossible to improve their output much with any kind of reflector, as that just increases the "restrike" energy. Single "U" tube and straight-tube lamps have a little restrike, but the reflector efficiency can be many times higher that with those systems scrunched to fit in the space of a normal incandescent bulb.

Final word: Don't buy spiral tube fluorescents for lighting a tank. It's a waste of good money. Get Brite Kits from AH Supply.


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