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Re: [APD] Gratolia ??

There are several 'forms' of Limnophila aromatica depending on origin. Some
of them have lesser, wider leaves per node. I wouldn't be surprised if the
coloration had some variation. They do have one thing in common though -
they're aromatic.
So maybe that should help ID the plant correctly. Smell it! Grown emersed
the 'aroma' is
much stronger, but you should definitly be able to detect the odor in
submersed grown plants
too. Its not as strong as bacopa carolina, but it is detectable.

Last year,  I went out and bought what was labelled as Gratiola officinalis
from Lowes.
That plant was definitly different, though it has similar shaped leaves. I
think you'll find
that the 'reddish leaved' version that's going around in the hobby is
incorrectly being
called Gratiola. That plant, very likely is Limnophila aromatica, and IME is
more common in the hobby than the real Gratiola officinalis.

Let me add to the confusion. Here's what I came across today. I think its in
but if you scroll down.....

So where does that leave us? I don't know. But one thing for sure, Gratiola
does not have aromatic leaves & stems, Limnophila aromatica (as the latin
name suggests)

>Andrew then suggested, it may be Limnophila aromatica. I picked this up at
Albany Aquarium, it looked identical to Gratiola, but >smaller and with more
red in the leaves. It grew much slower and did not seem as robust as
gratiola. I got it going em. but it died >after transplanting , and I did
not get to flower it, however Web pictures of its flowers, were the same
trumpet shape but with a >pink/purple color. They are so similar in leaf
shape and flower shape, I think they must be closely related.
>my guess is there are 2 very similar plants being kept.
>Jim Lockhart
>San Jose

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