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[APD] Petite nana

This plant was first discussed on this list over a year ago when a store in
California offered this plant that nobody had ever heard of. Since that time
this variant of Anubias nana has become more widely available thru import
channels from Europe. I have been offering it for a few months now. The
plant is characterized by having very small leaves the size of your
fingernail that grows low and bushy.

You can see a picture from one of my customers of this plant in a 2.5 gallon
tank. For scale, you can see the petites planted in front of a normal size
barteri.  http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-4/147895/DSCN1406.JPG

Here is another picture of several plants in the palm of my hand:

People have reported the following about this plant:

a) it grows at a much faster rate than normal Anubias
b) the roots remain very shallow making it somewhat difficult to plant in
the substrate
c) the plants do not hold up as long under adverse conditions as normal
Anubias. For example if the plant is without light for over a week, most of
its leaves if not all will have fallen off. and there will not be much left
of the rhizome.

I have been told that there is some regular nana being passed off as this
petite variant at a ridiculously low price. If you see a plant with a really
fat rhizome with little leaves growing from it, then it's not the real
thing! Or if you see long hairy roots its not the real thing.

I sent some of this plant to Karen Randall and asked if with her connections
if she could find out more on the history of this strain and who developed
it. I have been told it is not a natural strain. The plant has great
potential for aquascaping because of its small size, bushy growth, and few
demands for care. It is somewhat expensive because it is an import, but it's
fast growth rate makes it more affordable. Any comments on this plant?

Due to high demand, I am currently out of stock on this plant for the next
two weeks.

Robert Paul Hudson
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