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[APD] Re: Small Flourescent Bulbs

Scott, are you saying that the two 15-watt rated "spiral" fluorescents I have 
in a little 10G tank are or are not providing 30W of light?  (I have one 15W 
over a 5G, too.)

In a message dated 9/30/03 5:34:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com writes:

> The rating you are referring to is probalby the equivalence
> compared to ordianry incandescent lighting.  Since
> fluorescents are so much more efficient than incandescents,
> you can get the same amount of total light output for about
> 20-30% of the energy input.  The compact fluorescents that
> are spriral or have 3 sets of u-tubes, use a lot of their
> light output shining on each other -- in other words the
> tubes block a lot of light from each other.  That's one
> reason Power compacts and straight tubes can have a much
> stronger effective output than those fluoresents meant as
> direct replacements for incadescents.  But the repalcements
> do indeed give off more light, watt for watt, than
> incadescents.

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