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Re: [APD] CO2 reactor help

Initially when you setup the reactor, it was full of air.
That's why when you start it up, you're hearing the gurgling
sound and your filter is getting airlocked. 

You've got to 'prime' the reactor. Normally the CO2 intake
at the top of the reactor can be used to purge the reactor
of air but since you don't have that, try this:

1) Make sure your spray bar is well below the water surface.
2) Turn off your canister filter .
3) If your canister has disconnect valves make sure they're
NOT closed.
4) Disconnect the top of the reactor from the intake 
tube and lower the reactor into a bucket. Water should start to siphon
through and in doing so will purge the reactor of air. If your
canister has disconnect valves, turn them off. That will prevent water 
from flowing back out of the reactor. Reattach it to the intake tube. 

Start it back up and you should be in business.

Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

 I recently put together an external CO2 reactor as
> described here
> http://www.aquaticscape.com/articles/co2reactor.htm
> (except without the CO2 inlet as I plan to just keep
> adding the CO2 though my filter intake).
> I connected it inline with the intake and started up the
> filter which ran for about 20 seconds and then gurgled,
> burped and airlocked. I could restart the flow by pumping
> the primer but it would always seize up again. So I
> disconnected it, restarted the cannister and everything
> is back to normal.
> So why isn't it working? Is air sucking in somewhere? Is
> my pump to small/large? How can I get it working?
> Filter is Hagen Fluval 204, rated at 680 lph (180 gph),
> height from pump to outlet is about 80 cm (2'7" or 31").
> Thanks.
> Clint Brearley
> Melbourne, Australia

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