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Re: [APD] Using Canister filter with CO2

Some folks get airlocks, which probably means that the gas
flow rate is too high for the water flow rate.

Many folks have no trouble at all.  

If you left a canister turned on for a prolonged period
whiile it had an airlock and no water around the rotor, the
bearings could be damaged, but they could be replaced for
much less than the cost of the filter.  iF the bearigns are
badly damaged, the blades on the impeller might also be
damaged, but again, new rotors/impellers are cheaper than
entire filters.

If a canister locks for a short time, you probably won't
notice any damage.  So You could try it on a "weekend" when
you'll be around to burb the filter should it lock up.  If
it works for the weekekend, it will probably be okay for
the long term so long as the water flow rate and gas flow
rates remain about the same.  Realize that the waterflow
rate continually declines as the tubing develops a
bacterial film and the media gathers detritus.  So you will
want to be more diligent about filter cleanings than you
might need to be otherwise.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.
--- Hal Craig <phasespider at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Are there and adverse affects form injecting CO2 into
> a canister filter to use it as a reactor to dissolve
> the CO2.  I Don?t want to do anything to damage my
> expensive filter.  

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