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Re: [APD] Landlite Halgoen Lamp

Yes, and, actually *all* electric lights (except certain
one-color arc lights) give off much more heat than light. 
But fluoresecents and MHs are roughly 5 times more
efficient than incandescents, including halogens, which
give off aobut 94-97% of thier energy as heat.  They are
great heaters, extremely inefficient lights -- which is a
shame because they are so cheap.

Scott H.
--- Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com> wrote:
> Greger Lindstrand wrote:
> > Will Halogen bulbs grow plants?
> Halogens are just very compact high wattage incandescent
> bulbs.   Most of their energy is converted into heat.
> They do not work well for aquarium lighting.

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