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[APD] BG algae appearance in new tank Was

Jason wrote:
>   I was just taking a closer look in my tank, and noticed what I think is
> Cyanobacteria - blue-green algae.  If I recall, fish don't really eat it -
> is that true?

I've never seen fish or snails eat it but I've heard that they will if some
chelated iron (?) is added to the water. That was quite recent, who said it?
Hope I got it straight.

>   Right now it's on a couple of Java fern leaves, and I think
> it's starting
> a small spot on the substrate, far from any plants at all.
>   Is there a certain nutrient that is in excess, or would it be a
> deficiency
> of a particular nutrient?

Paul suggested that a shortage of Fe might impede plant growth -OR- nutrient
uptake enough to inhibit the uptake of nitrogen & other nutrients. I've seen
BG appear too and it occurs most often in my slow growth tanks when the fish
feeding is too generous. Frozen bloodworms are great for Bettas but have too
much nutrients for a tank of Crypts & Anubias.

If you are in the early stages of setting this tank up, I'd suggested doing
a large water change, 100% if there are no fish there. If you have fish,
stop feeding them until you get all your fast growing plants in there &
don't forget the chelated trace nutrients; I think you mentioned TMG.

I also get Cyanobacteria if I crop my fast growing plants too much in a
heavily populated tank or if I uproot something like Bolbitus, which
normally gets iron from the roots.

Steve P in sunny old Vancouver (where's the rain?)

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