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RE: [APD] Help with lighting chocie

R.M. Goldberg wrote:
Any help ? Are MH over kill. I seem to be able to only find system's that
have 3 75 watt MH's or 3 MH's and PC's..or VHO's. Would power compacts give
the same effect as the MH's. I always loved the ripple effect of lighting
with Mh's but since the water movement in this tank needs to be kept to a
minimum,(not dirving off C02) then am I paying for an effect that I will not
even see if I got the metal halides for the "glitter" effect alone ?

Any help or suggestions would be tremendiously appreciated as I have now
entered over-analysis paralysis !!! Thanks in advance

Confused in New Jersey.

MHs are not overkill for a tank that size: the easiest most elegant solution
would be to have (3) 150-175watt MH pendants on an open tank. Keep in mind
can swim, they just don't swim well;-)


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