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[APD] Help with lighting chocie

Hi...I'm new to the list and have a question that has been driving me nuts 
for the last few weeks. I have a 155 gal bow front tank, 72 inches long, 24 
inches deep. I am going for a high tech planted tank, flourite substrate, 
dupla heating cables, pressurized C02, heavily planted from the start, medium 
fish load. I just can't figure out the light specifications. I'm looking for 
3 to 4 watts per gal., realizing that that's not the best measure but a 
guideline. Here's my question...assuming cost is not the largest factor 
(plays a role but the the starring role) what makes the most sense for the 
plants. Power compacts alone ??, power compacts and metal halides ? VHO ??? I 
need to have the lights on the tank, not pendants..I have cats and don't want 
my "catfish" to be of the 4 legged, burned to a crisp variety ( maybe I'm 
over reacting but they love walking on top of the tank now and there's no way 
to stop them as the tank is next to a shortrise stairway, hence easy access.)

Any help ? Are MH over kill. I seem to be able to only find system's that 
have 3 75 watt MH's or 3 MH's and PC's..or VHO's. Would power compacts give 
the same effect as the MH's. I always loved the ripple effect of lighting 
with Mh's but since the water movement in this tank needs to be kept to a 
minimum,(not dirving off C02) then am I paying for an effect that I will not 
even see if I got the metal halides for the "glitter" effect alone ? 

Any help or suggestions would be tremendiously appreciated as I have now 
entered over-analysis paralysis !!! Thanks in advance

Confused in New Jersey.  
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