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RE: [APD] Closing up for the night (Jason Miller)

I see this with my rotalla as well.  Usually about an hour before lights out
they start to close up and they stay closed through the night.  Then as the
tank starts to get ambient light from the rest of the room the next morning,
they start to open.

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Jason Miller wrote;
>   As I am sitting here in front of my tank w. the lights off (it's 
> about 11pm), I see all of the stem plants with their leaves raised - 
> like
> closed shop for the night.
>   I've seen this in terrestrial flowers, but don't really notice it in 
> terrestrial plants.  I am wondering why the aquatic stem plants do 
> this. I'd think they'd stay open so that they can re-absorb the O2, 
> that is trapped under the leaves, for respiration.
I have rotalla wallichi and asian ambulia, and currently a new stem plant
that I have not been able to find in any photo and unable to identify, that
all close their tops before lights out. I always assumed that they had had
enough light and so closed after so many hours. Each variety closes the same
time period each night in a given tank. Interestingly, it is different in
different tanks with different lighting periods and setups but the same each
night in the same tank. Don M.

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