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[APD] Re: REpairing an old (metaframe) tank.


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the tank is toasted.  You'll 
have to get a new one.
Metal framed tanks are notoriously difficult (read: impossible) to repair.  
Especially fi the metal has started to rust.  You can try, but I think 
you'll be doing this again in a few months.  THe slate bottom usually 
won't adhere well.  You can replace it with glass, but finding a peice to 
fit can prove difficult.  THe metal frame makes gluing problematic, and 
will need a heavy cleaning before you can glue to it.  
I'd relaly just buy another tnak....  Like you, I love hte old metal 
framed tanks, and have had a few leak on me.  Always, the same thing.
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