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[APD] Re: background plants

>>I would like some suggestions on nice slow-growing plants to use in the
background area of a tank.  I started out the tank with water sprite in the
back just as a way to out-compete the algae, but now it is trying to take
over and out-compete everything- I wouldn't be surprised if I come home
someday and can't get into my house for the water sprite blocking the front
door!  What types of plants are tall and full and won't need to be pruned
twice a week?<<

Depends on the height and size of your tank, and your tank conditions. Most
stem plants in general will require frequent pruning if you have bright
light. There are a few slow growing stem plants, such as Lysimachia. There
are rosette plants such as swords, the larger Cryptocorynes,  bulb plants
such as Aponogetons and Crinums, rhizome plants such as the larger Anubias
species and even ferns such as Java and bolbitis may be used in the
background attached to wood.

Zephyranthee candida, the "dward onion", a bog plant that does pretty well
underwater grows very slowly. It has thin, spike like leaves that look like
a green onion. Eleocharis montevidensis, or giant hairgrass, is a reed like
rush  plant grows in thick clumps.

Valisneria grows fairly slowly and creates strong verticle lines. There are
lots of possibilities. It depends on what sort of look and leaf shape you
are going for.

Robert Paul Hudson

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