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[APD] Re: Desperate plea-- or-- the tiniest violin in the world

It means "Reply" or "Regarding." Remember back in the
old days of paper memos at work? (Me neither.)The
'Re:' line contained the subject matter the memo was
to discuss. I personally find one 're' helpful (more
than one is re-dundant, I agree) because I know that
there's new text and not a double-posting due to
server hiccup or other cyber-anomaly. 

I agree it would be fab if there were a more
"consistent" way of posting, but asking an entity such
as APD (I like to think of us as a loose confederation
of aquatic farmers, boldly growing what no one else
has grown before) to follow a uniform posting
procedure is, well, a bit institutional, wouldn't you
say? Someone could write some bylaws, but I'd probably
skim right over them! 
I will now Re-turn to reading the digest! 8)

Erin in Atlanta 
Where apparently the air pollution has begun to affect
her brain.

> > From: Andrew McLeod
> <thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk>
> > Subject: Re: RE: re [APD] Re: re: Desperate Plea
> > To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> > 
> > Could people please stop letting their mail
> software add Re: indiscrimately? 


> > Please don't let your mail software add Re: to
> your replies!
> > I don't actually know if there is any reason like
> some aspect of netiquette that 
> > makes people add Re:, in which case could someone
> inform me and the list. I 
> > don't really mind what people do, but could we
> please me consistent!


> > Any alternative suggestions would also be welcome,
> or more explanation into the 
> > list's threading.
> > 

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