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[APD] unglazed japanese pottery in tanks?

After setting up another grow-out tank for my killies, I placed some potted
plants in it using terra cotta clay pots. I've done this a couple of times
over the years, but dislike the look of
terra cotta in the tank. Years ago I bought several unglazed japanese bonsai
pots in Japan that are a dark gray-brown
(dun?) color that would blend into the
surroundings much better. Four of them
are about 9 inches wide and 3 inches
deep. I'm wondering if there's anything
mixed with this dark clay that would
harm the inhabitants? I'm hoping this
will be a much more aesthetic alternative. Looking in the archives I agree
with Karen Randall that planting in the substrate is better, but sometimes
you need  tanks that can be easily broken down when not needed. Thanks for
any help given.


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