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[APD] Getting started

Hello APD,

  I'm just getting underway with my first few plants this weekend, with the rest arriving sometime this week (thanks Steve P).  I plan on packing the tank out pretty good (36"x15"x18"), and am looking for a site to compare what the different levels should be at (ie. GH, KH, pH, Fe, PO4, NO3, etc.).  A quick reference chart would be ideal.

  I've got 2 25W ZooMed (T8) Bulbs - 5500K & 6500K - as well as a 30W PowerGlo - 18,000K; and, I've set up a few rows of CD for reflectors, so I think they'll get plenty of light.  I also have the Hagen DIY CO2 sys. and an old Fluval 103 for circulation.
  Right now, this is what my chemical parameters are:
GH: 120ppm
KH: 100ppm
pH: 7.4
PO4: 0.25ppm
NO3: ~15ppm (between 10 & 20 on the test kit)
Fe (free): 0ppm
Fe (chelate): 0.1ppm

  I've got TMG on hand, and will have other goodies to add when the rest of the plants come.  I'm going to wait 'til the plants start growing on their own before I add the algea crew (SAEs, Otos, Amano Shrimp), then wait a bit again before I add a few other fish.

  If I someone could direct me to a good site to guide me to the right tank parameters, that would be great.  Does Chuck Gadd still have the site w. the pH:KH, CO2 chart?  My tap water is buffered w. CaCO3, so the chart will work, won't it?

Thanks for the help.
Jason Miller
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