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[APD] acrylic aquarium

John Wheeler wrote
Hey gang, 
RE: Joanne Damon's slightly used acrylic aquarium, how big is the tank
in question? Glass tanks are cheap-- the cheapest part of the whole
equation, really-- and I wonder if all this trouble is really worth it? 

Hi John
   I went looking for a small all glass 5 gal fry tank.  I wasn't even
going to get a cover or light.  The only place around here that had any
in stock wanted 15.00 not a lot of money, but higher price than the 10
gal they had.
  They had this used hex 5 gal acrylic tank with a small fluorescent
bulb and small whisper filter selling for 15.00.  It is a really well
thought out tank and I looked at a few.  The top was hinged so the
entire top could be opened.  The fluorescent fixture had a snap on
plate over it to keep out moisture.  There was a slot that neatly held
the whisper filter and three knockouts that would accommodate anything
you wanted to add.  For what I wanted it for, and the price, it worked
out perfect... scratch and all.  
  The scratch is going to stay.. the scratch removal kit cost more than
the tank itself.    The sticker goo I will take care of this weekend
with all your suggestions.

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

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