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Re: [APD] Re How to disinfect an acrylic and..any way to fix a scratch

You can polish out scratches in acrylic, espeically if they
are not too deep.  You need to go through progressively
finer abrasives. I think you can find kits for this form
some of the on-line fish stores and from some aquarium
makers -- here's one:

Scott H.

If you have a lot of scratches to work on or just have frequent scratch problems, it's probably going to be lots cheaper to get the polishing compound in "raw" form. It can be bought as "Novus Plastic Polish" from http://www.usplastics.com. About $4-7 (depending on coarseness -- there are three grades) for an 8 ounce spray bottle. The stuff is fairly easy to use, I've used it myself on some polycarbonate sheets, but it will work just as well and is rated for use with acrylics.


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