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[APD] Re: acrylic aquarium

Hey gang,

RE: Joanne Damon's slightly used acrylic aquarium, how
big is the tank in question? Glass tanks are cheap--
the cheapest part of the whole equation, really-- and
I wonder if all this trouble is really worth it?
Acrylic is *very* nice, but perilous when you consider
that we play with substrates, algae scrapers,
tweezers, etc. It just scratches too easily.

Unless the tank is large or unusually shaped, I would
just scrap it and buy a new glass tank. Cheap and
hassle free. 

If you've ever bothered to try and buff a scratch out
of acrylic, you'll prolly see my logic. It's tedious
work that ends up costing more money.  

Anyway....just my $.02 *plunk, plunk*

John Wheeler 

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