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[APD] Re: How to disinfect an acrylic aqauarium

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Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 21:54:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joanne000 at webtv_net (Joanne Damon)
Subject: [APD] How to disinfect an acrylic aqauarium
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

  My daughter was given a slightly used acrylic aquarium..  What is the
best way to disinfect it.  Is bleach ok to use??   Also on the outside
there is some left over paper and glue from a sticker.  I usually use
nail polish remover for this,  but I don't think it should be used on
acrylic.  Any ideas?

joanne damon
joanne000 at webtv_net

Some plastic tanks turn frosty when exposed to bleach, so test an area of the bottom if you feel you *must* use it.

Drying thoroughly has always been my favorite way to disinfect a strange tank. Very few aquatic organisms of any serious concern can survive that. A good wash with dish detergent, thorough rinse, and drying in the sun will kill anything you might worry about, IMHO.

Use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) on the labels. Soak for a while, and they should rub right off. Nail-polish remover will dissolve the tank, so don't try it. The alcohol is also a great antibacterial for general tank cleaning. Get the kind of rubbing alcohol that has no lanolin or other added oils -- usually the cheaper kind.


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