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[APD] A place with all variables listed?/ O2 test kits any good?

Hello all,

Can anyone point me in the direction of any sites which list all of the necessary water variables and their optimal, minimum and maximum values (eg: max amount of nitrate which is safe for fish, optimum amount of measurable nitrate in the water for plant growth, etc....)?? Thanks! So far I have only bits here and there to piece together the entire picture, especially now that a heap of test kits are coming my way, and becasue my apistos, khuli loaches and a bristlenose have died (no signs of stress/disease before), but my corys in the same tank have laid eggs at the same time (one of them seems a bit bloody now though).

Also, how can you tell if you have adequate amounts of O2 in the water, save for gasping fish? I am concerned becasue I am trying not to agitate my surface too much to lose the CO2, but some of the fish I have my eye on require high amounts of O2 in the water.

- Seweryn

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