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[APD] Re:How to disinfect an acrylic aquarium

* From: Joanne000 at webtv_net (Joanne Damon)

My daughter was given a slightly used acrylic aquarium..  What is the
best way to disinfect it.  Is bleach ok to use??   Also on the outside
there is some left over paper and glue from a sticker.  I usually use
nail polish remover for this,  but I don't think it should be used on
acrylic.  Any ideas?

Bleach is OK. You don't have to fill the whole tank up, just use a few cups of 25% bleach, a wash cloth, and rubber gloves and slosh the bleach around until you have covered all the inner surfaces. Rinse several times, sponging all the liquid up each time.

I don't know if the nail polish remover (ethyl acetate?) will dissolve the acrylic, but why take a chance? Rub in a little margarine, let it sit for an hour or two, and the margarine will soften and loosen the glue. Remove the glue with your fingernails and clean up with some dish washing detergent.

Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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