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[APD] Re: How to disinfect an acrylic aqauarium

  My daughter was given a slightly used acrylic aquarium..  What is the
best way to disinfect it.  Is bleach ok to use??   Also on the outside
there is some left over paper and glue from a sticker.  I usually use
nail polish remover for this,  but I don't think it should be used on
acrylic.  Any ideas?

First thing is DO NOT use any AMMONIA BASED cleaner -- they will make the acrylic haze.

To clean the sides, if you have the usual mineral deposits, a soak in vinegar will usually loosen the stuff enough to clean it off easily. You probably don't need to chemically disinfect the tank, especially if it's been dry for a while. Once you have it cleaned and clear, just wash it out a few times with water. If you really want to be sure you've killed any microorganisms that may be left in the tank, you can clean it with isopropyl alcohol which won't damage the acrylic but will kill pretty much anything that may be living in/on it.


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