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[APD] Re: hair alge removal


Sent: Monday, September 22, 2003 12:15 PM
To: aquatic plants digest
Subject: [APD] Hair algae removal + prevention

So I've got a wicked case of hair algae in my tank - what can I do to remove it and stop it from coming back?

I've read a lot about bleach treatments, but am hoping to not have to tear
down my 55 gal tank and start over.

My LFS says they have some "Algae Fix" product that will stop it from coming
back - is this true?  I've always heard to avoid such products.

Any advice greatly appreciated!


I did the bleach treatment routine about a year ago it has never returned
however I did come across this article afterwards.



too much H2O2 will kill your ancestris .much more than 15ml in a55 gallon will do it so be very careful with that stuff :'(

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