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RE: [APD] Re: Substrate

Andrew Roberts - royalwulff at sympatico_ca writes:

  It's a good thing that the carpet was being replaced anyway.  However, my
spouse has now insisted that all the aquariums must live in the basement :-(


You might point out how nice a basement fish room is but how much better it
would be for family life to have you spending time on your hobby right in
the middle of the house's normal activities....my wife thought of that on
her own and gave me the dining room! Didn't need that table anyway.... A
year and a half later I'm up to 5 tanks, working on adding a species three
tank set up and next year (at her suggestion) a 120g to fill the last of the
wall space. Wonder how she'd react to freestanding racks down the center of
the room?

We just put in new rugs this summer. They're going to take a hit, sooner or
later. It's the nature of the beast (a glass box full of water) and it's
what rugs do (lie there and take it). 8)


Gary Whitt
Cork bark backgrounds in planted aquaria

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