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[APD] AZoo regulator/solenoid help needed.

I just got the AZoo CO2 "Aluminum Depot" from Dr. Foster's.  It seems like
the solenoid isn't working - like it's stuck on open.  In the 5x8
instruction card, it seems to indicate a manual/automatic A/B switch - which
I cannot find.

Does anyone have any experience with this setup to know if I'm missing
something.  The switch isn't obvious, if there at all.  The only things on
the solenoid itself seem to be the four screws to hold it together, the
obvious A/B ports for the gas and then cord.

It seems to be reacting to power (making a slight humming noise).  Voltage
*could* be an issue, but most solenoids, especially for aqua use are
normally closed - and this one seems to be stuck open (or it could be
normally open, which I doubt).


Email me offline w/ any suggestions,

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