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Re: [APD] Cork bark, where do I locate thee

David Nesom wrote:
I'm setting up a small paludarium (20 Gal) and for the back of the tank I
want to use cork bark but can't find it locally. Most places that sell

Check pet shops that specialize in reptiles. That's where I got all the corkbark for my paludarium.

I think I have a piece left over, I can weigh it and try to get
some idea of how much you'd need...

Also, if anybody's got any suggestions for good plants for a paludarium I'm
all ears. This is a first for me so all advice is appreciated.

Well, not an all-inclusive list, but just looking at the plants that have done well in mine:

Submersed growth : The amount of light reaching the submerged plants
isn't very high, so the only plants that have done very well submerged
for me are anubias crypts, and java fern.  I've got some bacopa that is
still trying, but not doing great.   Also some ambulia is still
doing ok, but it's on the side that is less shaded.

Emersed growth : On the border where water meets land, I've got java fern,
java moss, christmas moss, anubias, and pennywort.  The pennywort started
as submersed growth, grew up to the surface, then climbed across the
land, up the water fall, and has since criss-crossed the entire paludarium
several times over.  A few crypts are growing on the land right near
the waters edge.

The only "normal" terrestial plant I had was a Strobilanthes Dyerianus
(Temple Plant), but it quickly got too big for my 46g paludarium.  I've
seen several ferns that should do well, but I haven't gotten around to
adding any of them.

The final type of plant that have in my paludarium is the "Epiphyte".
These are plants that pull their nutrient needs from the water they
absorb from the air or rain.  Often, they grow on other plants, but
they are not parasitic.  They simply anchor on other plants, but
don't take any nutrients from the other plants.   I've got several
varieties of Tillansia and Bromeliads.  I got most of them from
http://www.bromeliadsrus.com.     Many of the bromeliads grow very
large.  I just emailed the people at www.bromeliadsrus.com, and
they sent me an assortment of 10 for $12.50 (including shipping)
that would stay small enough for my paludarium.

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