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Re: [APD] High water evaporation in a planted tank/ Amano

> Scott H   > For Amano, it's not merely hobby.  It's an
> aquatics art business, it's an aquarium equipment business; it's
> lots more than a mere hobby for him.

The way I read it, he applies rules of proportion and makes use of space as
well as substance, he arranges his tanks inspired by a love of natural form
in a an expression which is recognisably of the Japanese Zen tradition. So
you could argue is was a religion for him !

In the end there is no doubt he works at what he does and succeeds. He has
considerable experience and understands his materials, like a good artist. I
have to confess I have not spent enough time working on my tanks to really
get the feel of them though I have tried and continue to do so. When I look
at pictures of his work I realise there is much I have yet to learn.


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