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Re: [APD] Aquarium Pharm. "Algae Fix" product

Attractive to some newbies? Undoubtedly.  Safe? Not at all
clear based on the MSDS?

Scott H.
--- starvinfatdad at juno_com wrote:
> I should think that it's not too difficult for a newbie
> to reach the point of frustration in some circumstances
> that would make a product like this attractive as a quick
> fix.
> The nature of aquaria being what it is, there is no
> standard procedure that works to make a healthy box for
> every set of water parameters one runs into.  Patience is
> one of the virtues that will bode well for a planted tank
> gardener, and is not one all of us have an abundance of
> when starting out.  It's not that one of the other
> methods wouldn't be preferable (they are- for me, the
> snailcide is not an option), it's frustration when what
> you do does not bring the desired results.
> Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking with it for now
> ;^)
> James B.
> -- "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
> According to the MSDS for the active chemical in AgaeFix,
> the chemical should not be gotten on your skin in
> nondiluted form.  No info is available on the effects of
> exposure to diluted forms nor is any info available on
> long
> term effects.  It's a 4.5% solution in the bottle.
> If you use it regularly, you have some exposure each time
> you get aquarium water on your skin.  Should you use
> gloves
> when working on an aqaurium with this stuff? There isn't
> sufficient info available to know that that's necessary,
> nor to know that it's not.
> The MSDS doesn't provide any info on how quickly the
> chemical breaks down into simpler and safer chemicals. 
> Whenever you drain water from your tank, where does the
> chemical go?
> Since healthy planted tanks generally do not have much of
> an algae problem, would use of this product mask problem
> situations and make assessment more difficult?
> Why wouldn't one of the successful techniques for growing
> healthy plants be preferable?
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