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[APD] Browny Algea (??)

Hello all,

I have a 1 month old (set up) aquarium in which there are a few different types of algea growing in. a bit of the spotty bright green stuff, and a more significant amount of the brown coating stuff (diatoms??). What is puzzling me is the random growths on some of my plants of thei hairy brown fibery stuff with seems to accumulate/ grow what looks like brown debri or deposits (not the usual hair algea). That's the best way I can describe it! there's not much of it but is is quite unsightly. Anyone know if this is algea??

Also, with the brown algea, anyone have a clue to which aquarium variables it reproduces quickly in?

I've got a 130L (3') tanks w/ 2 30W lights (power-glo...), 5 cories, a bristlenose, and an apisto. pH ranges 6.8-7.0, DIY CO2, no nitrites. P, KH, NH4, GH unknown... waiting for the kits to arrive! Flourish tabs in the substrate (fine gravel), and once/week dosing of Sera Florena. Oh, and tank is reasonably planted, mostly with fast growers (except for the anubias and the novazelandea!)
Thanks in advance,

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