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[APD] Re: High water evaporation in a planted aquarium

At 08:40 PM 9/22/2003, James asked:
I checked out the information on the AGA site and have a few more questions.
1. How do you like Turface for a substrate? I haven't seen it before, but I do use Profile. The thing about it is, it's difficult to work with because it's too light. Is Turface any better?

Light can also be an advantage, like if the plant has either lots of roots or needs to be able to put out new ones readily. Turface and Profile are the same.

2. Have any trouble with the barbs eating plants?


My water is not exactly distilled, but it's pretty "empty" as far as tests show- 1 deg KH, 2 deg. GH, pH 7, and the only other thing in it is PO4 .2. How's that compare with SF?

I don't recall off hand, but I believe the SFWD report is on the web and also in a back issue of PAM (available from AGA bookstore).

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