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[APD] Want to meet Tom Barr in person?

Then attend the 2003 Aquatic Gardeners Association convention in Dallas, TX. Tom will be leading one of the focus group presentations at this year?s conference.


The hotel and field trip are filling up fast. If you?re planning on attending, I would recommend you register ASAP!


AGA Convention Dates:


When: November 14-16

Where: Dallas, TX

Dallas Forth Worth Airport Marriott

8440 Freeport Parkway, Irving, TX 75063



For complete AGA Convention details and registration information, please visit www.aquatic-gardeners.org. Register before October 14th to avoid late fees!


Want to get the latest 2003 AGA convention updates? Sign up for the AGA email update list at: http://aga-2k3.aquatic-plants.org. 




Tim Cincotta

DFW Aquatic Plant Club



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